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German Gulf Training Management & Consalting

About Us

The German Gulf  is one of the leading training centers in the Arab world and the world. The leadership of the German Gulf Center is not because it is one of the oldest training centers, but rather because it is the most comprehensive and innovative, which made us occupy an advanced and prestigious position. Over the years of our work in the field of training, we have succeeded in playing a key role in building a solid training ground for companies and government and private institutions alike, as well as in advancing the development wheel in the Arab community. It is a great honor for us to undertake the task of training and to provide its services, especially in this crucial stage which is full of the increasing challenges facing our society, and the high competitiveness in the presence of a large number of training centers, and this makes us more excited to achieve many plans and aspirations for our partners, and there are still many The hopes and aspirations that we seek to achieve in the future. 

Our Philosophy

The systemic thinking and acting and the systemic attitude form the basis for our joint work. Our understanding of and how we deal with change and development in organizations and individuals is determined by this attitude.
Together, we draw on comprehensive competences in the areas of leadership, adult education, organizational development, moderation, consulting, coaching and supervision.
We shape change and learning processes with creativity, diversity of methods and full of conviction.



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